Protecting your IP

Industrial Property in Morocco is governed by the law No. 17-97 dated December 18, 2004, as amended and completed by the two subsequent laws Nos. 31-05 of February 20, 2006 and the law 23-13 implemented on December 18, 2014.

The IP law was drafted to be in full compliance with the international standards adopted by the Paris Convention and the TRIPS Agreement to which Morocco is member state.

One single application may include up to 100 graphic or photographic reproductions of Design / Model belonging to the same class.


A Design / Model is novel if the overall visual impression differs from any other DMI which was accessible to public.


A Design or Model is registered for an initial period of 5 years as from filing date and can be renewed for 4 additional consecutive periods of five years each, totalling a maximum validity duration of 25 years.

Divisional Design / Model

Before it is registered, a Design or Model application can be divided at the request of its applicant, in the event the classes involved are different.

Divided Designs or Models maintain the same filing date and priority, if any, of the initial application.

Secret Designs / Models

Upon filing the Design or Model, the Applicants can request an adjournment / postponement of the publication for a maximum period of 18 months. Moreover, the Applicants can at any moment during the period of 18 months request publication of the Design or Model.
During the period of adjournment, the Design or Model is kept secret by the PTO.

Claiming ownership of a Design / Model

When an Industrial Design or Model was registered fraudulently or in violation of legal or contractual obligations, its true owner is entitled to recover its ownership through court proceedings. Except where the offender had acted in bad faith, the action claiming ownership shall be prescribed within 3 years as from date of registration.