Our Services


Availability searches among national and international trademarks.
Expressing opinion in light of the search results.
Filing proceedings until registration of the trademark.
Management of trademarks portfolio and monitoring of renewal deadlines.
Drafting and recording of acts amending and affecting the ownership of a trademark.
Drafting license contracts, franchises, coexistence agreements.
Monitoring of trademarks vulnerable to invalidation actions for non-use.
Watching published trademarks and assessment of eventual opposition.
Opposition drafting and pre-litigation free assistance.

Patents of Invention

Searches among granted patents.

Preparing and Filing of Patents applications including PCT national phase application.

Preparing and filing validation application relating to the EPO applications, designating Morocco.

Follow up of grant proceedings and monitoring of annuities deadlines.

Drafting recording acts amending and affecting the ownership of a trademark, namely Assignments.

Drafting and recording license contracts.

Extension of the validity period for pharmaceutical patent, under specific provisions.

Industrial Designs and Models

Searches among registered designs / models.

Preparing and Filing design applications.

Monitoring of renewal deadlines.

Drafting and recording of deeds of assignment, license contracts, and coexistence agreements.

IP Litigation

Legal opinion on the litigation case.

Suggestion of the best course of action to adopt.

Objective assessment of the chances of success in the legal proceedings.

Involvement aiming to settle the conflict, amicably.

Institution and follow up of substantive court actions by skilled Lawyers.

Watching and Investigations

Watching of published trademarks.

Opinion and assessment of oppositions.

Drafting and filing of oppositions.

Contestations and Appeals of decisions on oppositions.

Investigations in the market.

Border Measures

Filing of customs suspension applications.

Assistance in seizures proceedings once the counterfeit products are suspended by the customs.

Handling the substantive court actions by skilled Lawyers.